The following recipes use products from Taylor Brothers Farms.

Tropical Fruit Smoothie
Dried Plums with Bacon & Goat Cheese
Prunes in Crispy Bacon
Citrus Bulgur Salad with California Dried Plums
Escarole Salad with Fried Shallots and Prunes
Moroccan Carrot Salad
Moroccan Couscous Salad
Dressings and Sauces
Apple and Dried Plum Sauce
Main Courses
Beef Brisket with Merlot & Prunes
Chicken and Dried Plum Curry
Grilled Chicken Breast with Smoky Dried Plum & Chipotle Mole
Grilled Salmon with Onion and California Dried Plum Compote
Pork Stew with Apricots and Prunes
Roast Goose with Chestnuts, Prunes and Armagnac
Glazed Sweet Potatoes and Dried Plums with Ginger
Sautéed Kale with Dried Plums and Coconut
Sandwiches, Wraps
Banh Mi Sandwich with Turkey Meatballs
Dried Plum Tea Sandwiches
Chocolate Torte
Dried Plum and Ginger Wontons
Dried Plum Chocolate Pavé
Prune & Walnut Oatmeal Cookies
Rustic Prune Cake

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