Pumpkin Cookie Dough Bites

For everyone (like Ali) who eats half the bowl of cookie dough before getting anything into the oven... here’s something that’s MEANT to be eaten raw. Cheating is encouraged!

1 cupAlmond flour
½ cupPumpkin purée
⅓ cupKween Granola Butter
1 teaspoonVanilla
4 tablespoonsMaple syrup
1 teaspoonCinnamon
2 teaspoonsPumpkin spice
PinchSalt and papper
½ cupDark chocolate chips


Mix everything together in a bowl, and add the chocolate chips last.

Refrigerate for a bit for easier handling.

Roll the dough into balls (any gosh darn size you like!) and place them on a cookie sheet with lightly oiled parchment paper.

Eat them right there, right now! Or, save them for later in the fridge or freezer.

Try mashing them into vanilla ice cream for a crazy good dessert.

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