Joyloop Pepper Mixes are delicious veggie-based products for people on the go.

Medium Pepper Mix
Hot Pepper Mix

Non-GMO ingredients.
No filler or preservatives.
Packed in a portable pouch.

If you live in San Francisco, enquire about delivery straight to your door via Good Eggs.

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Adam’s love of food began at young age when he used to help his mother in the kitchen. She stood out as an exceptional cook therefore always hosted family and friends for meals. “For Jewish holidays and any special occasion, she was the one in the family that did the entertaining. As skilled a cook as she was, she was an even better baker. Known as the ‘Cookie Lady,’ her biggest claim to fame were her incredibly detailed, hand-designed cookies for every holiday.”

With his degree from the University of Wisconsin/Madison in management and human resources, Adam focused on entrepreneurship, working with Harvard case studies. “They were such a good foundation for starting my own business. I learned that life is colorful, there is rarely a single answer to a problem, and that principles could be applied in different ways in different businesses.”

Adam’s foray into starting a food business began when his girlfriend (now wife) wanted to try a Paleo diet due to dietary issues. “I wanted to be a supportive partner but was definitely skeptical about the diet. To my surprise, after following it for a couple of weeks I felt really good.”

At first, he was ricing cauliflower and spiralizing veggies but eventually he got to the point where he just wanted to go to the store and buy these types of products. Despite the huge interest online, veggie noodles/rice were missing on grocery store shelves.

“When I would cook veggie noodles/rice dishes for friends and family, the response invariably was, ‘If I could get these ingredients at the store, I would go for this.’ This was a lightbulb moment for me and I saw an opportunity to create a brand that was all about veggies, convenience, and quality. I realized that with a relatively small investment, I could get a product to market quickly and treat it as a learning experience to build on.”

Interest was strong from the start. Buyers were willing to carry his original product, Zucchini Spirals, because they saw the paleo diet trending and there were no products available to serve those customers.

Joyloop continues to evolve and will release a brand new line of products in the summer 2017. Ultimately, the goal is to create a national brand that's focused on "health, convenience, and bringing a smile to people's’ faces.”

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