10th Avenue Instant Tea Powders

Mocha Mint -- Limited Edition
Matcha and green tea powders blended with peppermint and chocolate

Spiced Apple Tea -- Caffeine Free
Rooibos tea blended with apple and cider spices

Green Tea
Organic matcha green tea

Chai Tea
Black tea, matcha, and chai spices

Tropical Tea
All-natural green tea, matcha, kiwi and peach

Berry Herbal Tea -- Caffeine Free
Rooibos tea, blueberry and plum

English Breakfast Tea
With a subtle hint of silky matcha

Each shaker makes approximately 60 cups of tea, using between ¼ and ½ teaspoon (about 5 shakes) to 8 ounces of water.

Hot or cold water make equally good beverages, and some consumers have enjoyed making the tea with seltzer water.

The teas are also adaptable to culinary possibilities, while adding the health benefits of matcha. Smoothies, oatmeal, and pumpkin bread are just some of the ideas.

Gift Sets
All-nautral instant tea powder

  10th Avenue Tea

When two moms are determined to do something, you know it’s going to happen. Sisters-in-law Ann Foley and Morgan Walsh discovered a mutual concern for the waste created by the discarded cups used in single-serve coffee-making machines, and they decided to do something about it.

Ann’s mother is a tea lover and introduced Ann to the joys of making the perfect brew in one of the teapots from her collection. Ann’s brother was a pilot, and he brought teas back from his travels all over the world. A tea lover herself, she decided to explore ways of making a superb cup of tea that was convenient, waste-free/eco-friendly, and all-natural.

Morgan shared Ann’s concern about waste and her love of tea, and she also knew that the mind-body culture in her home of Los Angeles would be a good marketplace for a product that would appeal to health conscious people.

The women’s first concept was to make “tea beads” containing tea extracts and powders that could be dropped into a single-serve coffee maker and would dissolve instantly.

The discovery of Zintro Network led them to a food chemist who understood and supported their goals and could help formulate the product. His advice was to focus first on the contents of the beads and then to work on the outer coating.

Because of its health benefits, matcha became the base for their blends. Combining powdered black teas with the matcha added to the appeal. After extensive rounds of trial and error – using friends and family as taste testers – they came up with four perfect blends.

However, figuring out how to make the tea beads proved to be very challenging. Various methods were tried, but it came down to the fact that no outer coating could be devised that met their requirements to be all-natural without chemicals or sugar.

The answer to this dilemma lay in letting go of the bead concept and focusing on the powdered tea formulas they’d already developed. Though creating its own challenges, this path had many benefits, primarily that it lets the consumer make their tea any way they want.

After trying out various containers, the perfect one was a recyclable, lightweight aluminum shaker. The lid comes off, so it can be refilled, and the company has been selling pouches to food service customers.

“We want to change the way people think about packaging and consumption,” Ann explains. “Convenience doesn’t have to mean individually wrapped single servings, which is a very outdated practice. We’re hoping to start a revolution – beginning with shaking up the way the world drinks tea!”

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