These delicious bread substitutes made from cauliflower should be part of your diet, if you are--
Avoiding carbs or wheat.
Trying to resolve inflammation issues and blood sugar fluctuations.
Following a grain-free Paleo diet.
Watching your blood sugar levels by reducing your diet’s glycemic load.
Reducing your calorie intake.
Looking for fast food to go that is packed with nutrients.

Outer Aisle Pizza Crusts and Sandwich Thins are--
Packed with Vitamin C, K, B6, folate, potassium, and fiber.
Are made with fresh cauliflower as their #1 ingredient. (Cauliflower is a member of the Brassica family, informally known as Cruciferous vegetables.) No starches, rice flours, or oils.

Find Outer Aisle Gourmet products in the refrigerated section of Many Whole Foods and other gourmet markets.

Outer Aisle Gourmet products are available for food service: Restaurants, schools, colleges, hotels, hospitals

  Outer Aisle Gourmet

Among everyone’s favorite portable foods that can eaten on the go are pizzas and sandwiches. From her own personal health journey, Jeanne David has created a delicious, low-carb, plant-based pizza crust and sandwich thins, that also have many other culinary uses.

As Jeanne and her husband got older, they noticed changes in their health that they wanted to address. “About 6 years ago, we decided we wanted to get ahead of the creeping changes.” A doctor-directed diet had them measuring everything, eating no sugar or any “white” foods, no simple carbs, and only very low-glycemic fruit.

“We didn’t understand all the scientific aspects of our new way of eating at the time, but we knew we had never felt better. We had more physical energy, and our brains were clearer all day. We delved into it, learning everything we could about healthy eating. One thing we discovered early on was that keeping our blood sugar level all day was key.”

At the time, Jeanne was Executive Director of the Central Coast branch of the Arthritis Foundation. She learned that inflammation is a core cause of this disease and many other. Combatting the inflammatory effects of empty carbs became another goal of hers.

“I’m from New Orleans, and we love good food! Though we wanted to make a permanent lifestyle shift, the strict diet was boring and restrictive. We thought it would be so great to have something that would be convenient like bread, but made with vegetables.”

A vegetable -based pizza crust and bread substitute was a new concept at the time. Jeanne and her husband perceived that there was a gap in the market and were determined to fill it.   “I knew that if I could perfect it, it would be amazing. And after about 75 or 80 different iterations, we came up came up with our first products: Cauliflower Pizza Crust and Sandwich Thins.”

These whole-food-based product are made from pure ingredients  that each contribute to the products’ nutritional value. For instance, they chose to use Parmesan cheese because it is fermented and cottage cheese because it is cultured. The products are naturally gluten-free. 

The low glycemic load of the products if particularly important to Jeanne, so it is prominently featured on the front of the packages. ‘We believe that low-glycemic is the next critical health movement. People with a variety of health issues are becoming more and more focused on this possible solution for them.”

Each Pizza Crust or Sandwich Thin has a full serving of vegetables. These products are truly, “Vegetables in Disguise”! They are also versatile, besides pizza and sandwiches, for instance, they can be an alternative to pasta sheets in lasagna and corn tortillas in Huevos Rancheros.

“We combine fresh cauliflower with cottage cheese, parmesan, egg white (binder) and sunflower lecithin (emulsifier). The results are so good for you, and they are delicious!” 

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