Yoot Root Teas are organic, wildcrafted teas for holistic wellbeing, made from ancient, traditional recipes.

Flavors of Yoot Root Teas–

Licorice Root
The therapeutic substances in licorice have been used for centuries. It opens the lungs and ignites the breath.

Dandelion Root
Prebiotic dandelion and chicory roots promotes digestion, stimulates appetite and balances the intestine’s natural bacteria.

Prickly Ash
The Native Americans used prickly ash for hundreds of years to stimulate a sluggish constitution. It’s tonifying effect supports blood flow and rejuvenates the body.

  Yoot Herbal Root Teas

Nansee Kim-Parker grew up in Virginia, where the family had an organic garden “before it was the thing to do. We had chickens and ate the produce from our garden. When I lived on my own, I’d never seen tomatoes as big as they sold in the grocery stores! But when I bit into one, the taste was a bland shadow of the tomatoes we had grown at home.”

As a child, Nansee suffered from gastrointestinal problems, and all the recommendations of doctors didn’t help. Her Korean mother drew from her heritage to brew herbal medicinal teas for her. “It’s a very strong memory, because it tasted awful,” Nansee laughs, “but with regular use, it solved my issues.”

As a result of a motorcycle accident, Nansee’s husband had lost his spleen and was often sick. “I decided to research the function of the spleen and learned that it plays a vital role in our immune system. So, I did the smart thing and asked my Mom, ‘Remember that stuff you used to make for me?’ He thought it tasted awful too and didn’t want to drink it every day, so that spurred me to figure out a way to make it more appealing.”

“It was trial by brewing,” Nansee says. “Once I made a recipe that he wanted to drink every day, I started brewing every day. And then I started sharing it with friends.” All this time, she was continuing with her career as an environmental engineer.

However, with the birth of the couple’s daughter, Nansee’s desire to provide her daughter with the best nutrition and to live by example, moved her to cash in her retirement and go all in with Denovo Beverages, bottled as Yoot Root Teas. “I realized that I not only needed to provide for her physical health but also to model the advice I would give my daughter as she grew up: to follow her dream.”

Nansee had concluded from her experience and her research that scaling up her beverage business would mean finding the right contract manufacturer. Few could meet her standards: Non-GMO-certified, USDA organic, clean ingredients.

“Because of my engineering background, I know a lot about the process of making extracts and the solvents and additives that are typically used. We sourced the cleanest extracts that used water instead of chemicals. I was very involved in the formulation stages, so that the products would match what I had originally made.”

“These teas are not just for when you’re sick. They are for daily health maintenance to help your body work more efficiently. Each of the three distinct flavors is made with a particular therapeutic base, complimented by herbals that make them light, refreshing, and delicious.”

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