French style sweet Meringue Kisses:
Made with organic ingredients

Only 4 calories per kiss!

Three Classic Flavors --
Vanilla Bean
Chocolate Chip

Three Fruit Flavors --

  Alice's Sweet Tooth

By the time Elyse Eisenberg graduated from Boston University with a degree in art history, she had lived all over the United States and spent her junior year of college in Italy.

Her father was a professor of surgery and an art collector, and both parents loved to entertain. “My mother did all the cooking for their parties. Her love of entertaining and cooking was passed on to me.”

After college, Elyse was hired by Warner Bros in New York and later was transferred to Los Angeles. “Being at Warner Bros and Warner Home Video, was an incredible experience for me. I worked for a marketing genius, and what I learned from him has proved very valuable.”

“As VP of worldwide acquisitions, I had the opportunity to travel internationally three months every year: London, Cannes, Paris, Milan, Berlin, Venice. My husband was Italian, so we went to Florence every year. Eating in Michelin-starred restaurants around the world refined my culinary as well as artistic tastes.”

She had had a long and interesting career but was restless for a change. “I had been in the film business since I was a teenager. I was ready to start the next chapter in my life and was looking for a new challenge. I naturally felt drawn to the food business.”

“I’ve loved throwing parties all my life. Cooking and baking were pure pleasure for me. When I was a guest at someone else’s home, I would always bring a dish and lots of desserts.”

“Baking became my focus. I make a killer chocolate chip cookie, but I didn’t want to enter that already-crowded field. Then I discovered meringue cookies. It was exciting, because while they are fat-free and low-calorie, they are so delectable. I bought all I could find and began making my own.”

Elyse quickly discovered that there were no organic meringue cookies on the market. Fortuitous events brought her to the realization that there was a niche for premium, organic meringue cookies in distinctive flavors, and her company, Alice’s Sweet Tooth, was born.

Very serious about the quality and natural taste of her flavors, it took a lot of research to find exactly the right ingredients to meet her standards.

“I have put into practice all the things I learned about aesthetics and craft, in my graphics and in my flavors. The packaging captures your attention, and each Alice’s Sweet Tooth French Meringue Kiss melts in your mouth like a sweet puff of sunshine.”

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