Tea Crush beverages are made from super herbs and teas that are blended with real fruit juice— plus a bubbly twist.

Flavors of Tea Crush –

The Tropical Chiller Sparkling Green Tea
Matcha Pineapple Coconut
Japanese matcha with a twist of pineapple and coconut.
Supports immunity.

The Wild Child Sparkling Rooibos Tea
Turmeric Ginger Pear
South African red rooibos tea paired with turmeric, black pepper and yummy juices.

The Zesty One Sparking Black Tea
Lemon Ginger Cayenne
Black tea from the high mountains of Yunnan, China, with a zesty kick from ginger juice and cayenne pepper.
Aids digestion.

Certified USDA organic
Plant-powered and vegan

Fresh brewed with functional super herbs
Rich in antioxidants and L-Theanine

No artificial ingredients
No added sugar

  Tea Crush

Rosa Li had a bi-cultural childhood, spending her time with her parents in Indiana and with her grandparents in Beijing.

“My love of tea grew from enjoying tea every day with my grandfather. In China tea is brewed with whole leaves, and it is not customary to use a filter, so the leaves are part of what you drink.”

Drinking tea was a pleasure, and it was also valued for its functional benefits. “My grandmother followed Chinese medicinal practices, using herbs as a natural way to promote good health. As a child, ginger and honey tea were often given to me.”

The lessons Rosa learned from these experiences were that whole foods and natural herbs are often better than chemicals and drugs to keep our bodies healthy and to recover from sickness.

With an economics and math degree from Northwestern University and an MBA from Stanford, Rosa had a very successful career with Morgan Stanley and then Warburg Pincus, a global private equity fund. But Rosa has a creative mind and has always harbored an interest to create something she's personally passionate about.

The reaction of Rosa’s family when she decided to start a beverage company wasn’t necessarily favorable. The expectation was that she would continue her finance and investing career. “There wasn’t a single tipping point that led me to give up my lucrative career and comfortable life. My desire to found a tea company sort of ‘brewed’ over time,” Rosa says with a smile.

“My career in finance had given me the opportunity to experience world-famous restaurants and travel to different countries. Through food, I learned about many cultures. I like hosting dinner parties, and I love bringing people together and building communities through food.”

“I like tangible outcomes, and I wanted to work on a product that I personally love and believe in. Food gives me so much joy, and tea is such an important part of my life that it was a natural choice. Being an entrepreneur is tough, and it’s easy to give up if you’re not very passionate about what you’re doing.”

She first founded Rosali Tea to sell premium loose leaf tea online. The feedback she got was that people loved the teas, but they wanted more convenience. “So I created an innovative product that captured the essence of what I love: a functional beverage that was also accessible to everyone.”

“Most bottled teas on the market are still flat, but people are looking for a tasty and healthy substitute for sugary sodas. My sparkling super teas are made with plants and herbs that both nutritious and delicious.”

Tea Crush makes unpalatable super herbs and plants tasty, with a bubbly twist just to keep you on your toes.

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