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Date Question Winner
2011-11-15Part of the �California-grown� mission of which SavorCalifornia.com jam maker is to buy as much of its fruit in the Inland Empire as possible, and everything from California?Doug P.
La Bonita California
2011-11-09A traditional Italian dessert is interpreted with California ingredients by which Napa company on SavorCalifornia.com?Maria B.
Napa Cakes Panforte
2011-11-03In their tasting room, a winery sells the creamy, rich fudge made by which SavorCalifornia.com company to pair with their flagship Cabernet?Dennis H.
Napa Valley Fudge
2011-10-25Which SavorCalifornia.com company makes biscotti with a uniquely pleasurable texture, they call �smooth crumble.�Donna S.
Hottie Biscotti
2011-10-19Which ceramics teacher on SavorCalifornia.com makes such fresh and delicious salsa that her students told her to simply call it �Salsa Buena�?Bret S.
Mrs. A's Salsa Buena
2011-10-13Take the milk from a contented herd of cows on the rolling hills of Marin County, add a family committed to producing farmstead products, and you have extraordinary cheeses by which SavorCalifornia.com company? Diana A.
Point Reyes Farmstead Cheese
2011-10-07Which SavorCalifornia.com company, known for a number of goat milk and cheese products, also makes extraordinary European style butter?Vanessa L.
Meyenberg Goat Milk
2011-10-04Which SavorCalifornia.com company uses unrefined California wildflower honey in place of corn syrup to make salted caramels that will have you addicted at first bite?Al K.
Droga Confections
2011-09-30When you want biscotti with a lot of imagination, such as 5-Seed Almond Raisin Biscotti or Cornmeal Cranberry Orange Almond Biscotti, which Savor California.com company makes them?Katie W.
Shelley's Biscotti
2011-09-27Which SavorCalifornia.com company grows olives on a Shangri-la ranch in Sonoma County to produce estate-grown organic extra virgin olive oil, whose symbol is a skink, numerous on the ranch?Tesa S.
McEvoy Ranch
2011-09-15Which SavorCalifornia.com company (named for a charming California town) blends all-natural jellies to bring out the glorious flavor of Jalape�o and Habanero peppers?Christiane P.
Ojai Jelly
2011-09-13What old-fashioned dessert on SavorCalifornia.com reflects the cultural diversity of South Africa?Jennifer A.
Kari's Malva Pudding
2011-09-06Savory Pastry Kisses that go straight from your freezer to your oven to your guests� compliments are made by which SavorCalifornia.com company?Treva J.
The Perfect Bite Co.
2011-08-24Which Sonoma County restaurant owner is also know for her line of Fig Food condiments, showcased on SavorCalifornia.com?Jessica H.
the girl & the fig
2011-08-17Which SavorCalifornia.com company grows and dries the California dried plum, an offshoot of the French La Petite D\'Agen, and packs these delectable morsels in a stay-fresh tin for a portable sweet snack that�s very good for you?Patti K.
Taylor Brothers Farms
2011-08-12Which SavorCalifornia.com company makes �simply outrageous� pomegranate vinegars which also happen to be really healthy?Jessica E.
Spindel Farms
2011-08-08Growing fresh oyster mushrooms in your own kitchen is easy with the Mushroom Garden from which Savor California company?Jill N.
Back to the Roots
2011-08-02Are you wild about barbecue? Which SavorCalifornia.com partner brings the flavors of real California Barbecue to your backyard?Tony B.
Earl's Gone Wild
2011-07-28Two things everyone loves are combined in Cookie Brittle by which Savor California company?Donna S.
Moon Dance Baking
2011-07-26Love to bake? Exceptional flours and baking ingredients for both the home and professional baker are made by which SavorCalifornia.com company?Thea
Giusto's Specialty Foods
2011-07-20Which SavorCalifornia.com company has expanded their line of roasted nut oils to include two Asian-inspired cooking oils that make Asian cuisine a breeze?Clara R.
La Tourangelle
2011-07-05Which SavorCalifornia.com company grows an elegant member of the lettuce family, that makes a perfect low-cal scoop for dips, a salad ingredient and is also excellent grilled?Ann P.
California Endive
2011-07-01Every plant�s got it, and from the fennel and dill plants it�s particularly tasty. Which SavorCalifornia.com company collects this in the wild so that it can be the �secret ingredient� in your gourmet cooking?Heather P.
Pollen Ranch
2011-06-27From the heart of the Alexander Valley wine country come fresh condiments that make easy, instant hors d�oeuvres, and are perfect partners to cheeses, made by which SavorCalifornia.com company?Erin W.
Jimtown Store
2011-06-23Which SavorCalifornia.com company takes the juices from fresh California-grown fruit, organic peel and bntanicals and infuses them into simple syrup for versatile cocktails-and-culinary ingredients? Janet T.
Sonoma Syrup Co.
2011-06-21What SavorCalifornai.com company makes delicious little French Almond Cakes, known by the unlikely name of �financiers� in France?Susan N.
2011-06-13Which SavorCalifornia.com company makes artisan nuts that are roasted by hand very slowly to keep all the vibrant flavors and the nuts� natural crunch?Jill A.
Oren's Kitchen
2011-06-08Which SavorCalifornia.com company takes fudge to new heights by adding gourmet cookie chunks to it?Catherine E.
Bella's Confections
2011-06-01Lemon grass is the unique ingredient in this vinegar from which SavorCalifornia.com company?Mindy A.
Auntie Si
2011-05-24Which SavorCalifornia.com company�s sauces are inspired by exotic locations, capturing the sun-and-beach ambiance for your cooking and grilling?Paige A.
Culinary Twist
2011-05-19Authentic Asian Cooking Sauces take lots of ingredients and time, but which SavorCalifornia.com company makes them so you can just open the jar and spoon them out?Daniel F.
Native Kjalii Foods
2011-05-06Which company on SavorCalifornia.com makes their �Seeds & Suds� mustard with North Coast Brewery Beer?Clara R.
Mendocino Mustard
2011-05-02The ancient tradition of healing, fermented Puerh tea is continued by which SavorCalifornia.com company?Cherryl H.
Numi Organic Tea
2011-04-28Grown in the Great Basin of Northern California, which cooperative, featured on SavorCalifornia.com, grows the only cereal grain native to North America? Sharon L.
Fall River Wild Rice
2011-04-20Believe it or not, soon cherries trees will be blooming in Silicon Valley. Which SavorCalifornia.com company is the cherry specialist, with farmstand fresh cherries, cherry jams, chocolate covered cherries, cherry juice, and dried cherries?Charis J.
C. J. Olson Cherries
2011-04-13�So rich and buttery that they melt in your mouth� describes the all-natural cookies from which SavorCalifornia.com company? Dawn N.
Alice's Stick Cookies
2011-04-08Which SavorCalifornia.com company bases its products on the chipotle pepper, a smoked ripe red jalape�o pepper, raising its use to an art form?Julie L.
Art of Chipotle
2011-03-28Everything tastes good with sun-dried tomatoes! Which SavorCalifornia.com company is the sun-dried tomato specialist, with so many versatile choices to use in soups, sandwiches, salads, sauces and more?Chris L.
Mooney Farms' Bella Sun Luci
2011-03-23Which SavorCalifornia.com company is led by a woman who is the fourth generation in an almond-growing family and has grown the business from �sheep to nuts�?Laura H.
Maisie Jane's California Sunshine Products
2011-03-18One member of the mint family is used ornamentally, in beauty products, for cooking and medicinally. Which SavorCalifornia.com company grows this herb and makes delicious baking mixes with it?Jessica H.
2011-03-09Ginger Pecan Gourmet Granola with lots of pecans and dried apple, plus a bit of a �dark edge� from molasses and spices, is one of the amazing granolas from which SavorCalifornia.com company?Dean A.
Oat Cuisine
2011-03-04Which candy maker on SavorCalifornia.com uses real fruits and vegetables in their three delicious flavors of caramels -- Black Forest, Passion Fruit, and Carrot Cake?Thea
Amella Caramels
2011-03-01Which SavorCalifornia.com company makes sweet, tangy wine reduction sauces that infuse foods with the aromas and flavors of Chardonnay and Cabernet Sauvignon?Rebecca T.
Mia's Kitchen
2011-02-24Which Savor California company is the oldest continually operating cheese factory in the United States and is famous for Camembert and Brie?Jennifer M.
Marin French Cheese
2011-02-08Which of the cheesemakers on SavorCalifornia.com makes a traditional sheep milk�s cheese, the name of which is derived from the Italian word for sheep (now called San Andreas)?Donatella V.
Bellwether Farms
2011-02-02Maybe Punxsutawney Phil lucked out big-time and someone was kind enough to serve him pancakes made with one of the pancake mixes from which SavorCalifornia.com company, topped with one of their yummy butter mixes?Cindy H.
Bo's Best Pancake Mixes
2011-01-28A family tradition of making sausages has led to a line of seasoning blends made by which SavorCalifornia.com company that can be used for everything from wild boar sausage, to a seasoning salt for meat sauces, soups and vegetables?Sharon G.
2011-01-25Made by which Savor California company, when is a stick or a twig not only edible but delicious and nutritious?Joanna D.
Judy's Breadsticks, aka Lovesticks
2011-01-22Which olive oil maker on SavorCalifornia.com makes olive oils with rosemary and basil by crushing the fresh herbs with the olives? Megan S.
Stella Cadente Olive Oil
2011-01-13What will be your favorite fudge sauce -- Dark, Orange, Mocha, Mint, or Ginger (all made without corn syrup!) � from which SavorCalifornia.com company?Angela T.
Fudge is my Life
2011-01-03Habanero peppers are added to luscious flavors of California fruit for jams with �sweet heat� made by which SavorCalifornia.com company?Patti K.
Diane's Sweet Heat
2010-12-28Three cheese tortas -- Creamy Gorgonzola Torta with Figs, Creamy Goat Cheese Torta with Apricots, and Three-Layer Pesto Torta � are made by which SavorCalifornia.com company?Jennifer M.
Bella Chi-Cha
2010-12-21You can serve �The Whole Nine Yards� for both breakfast in the morning and a nibble with a glass of wine in the evening, from which SavorCalifornia.com company?Al K.
2010-12-16If you�re looking for a delicious non-alcoholic alternative for the holiday season, which SavorCalifornia.com company makes sodas from wine grape juice?Peter A.
Vignette Wine Country Soda
2010-12-13Which SavorCalifornia.com company makes artisanal charcuterie in the French tradition right here in California?Pam S.
Fabrique D�lices
2010-12-10Which company on SavorCalifornia.com makes a relish of caramelized onions and roasted garlic that will dress up meats, as well as top pizzas and appetizers?Lisa C.
2010-12-08�Creamy with a kick� is a good description of one of the goat cheeses from which SavorCalifornia.com company? Jessica Ca.
Redwood Hill Farm
2010-12-02Which SavorCalifornia.com company began with varietal vinegars, such as Cabernet and Zinfandel and has added luscious flavors, such as Peach Champagne and Pear Raspberry?Jessica Ch.
2010-11-29Santa Maria is famous for BBQ. Which SavorCalifornia.com company makes a seasoning mix that will make yours taste just like it? Plus it�s not just for meat; try it in Sweet Potato & Apple Bake!Michalina M.
Susie Q's Artisan Foods
2010-11-23Delectable flavors of ice cream, such as lavender, cappuccino, and cinnamon (as well as vanilla, chocolate and strawberry), that are sweetened with agave rather than sugar, are made by which SavorCalifornia.com company?Cheryl H.
2010-11-20Which SavorCalifornia.com candy company uses the English translation of �Mariposa� as part of their name? John E.
Butterfly Brittle
2010-11-18Which SavorCalifornia.com makes it possible to have your turkey and take your turkey jerky with you too?Angela T.
2010-11-13Which SavorCalifornia.com company uses pure California fruit concentrates to make infused balsamic vinegars, such as Balsamic Cherry?Rebecca T.
Bellindora Vinegars
2010-11-11Which SavorCalifornia.com company brings you the straight-from-the-sea flavor of center-cut tuna, hand-packed raw and sealed before cooking, so it retains all its natural juices and omega-3?Jennifer A.
Wild Planet
2010-11-09What SavorCalifornia.com company is based in the Napa Valley, but has products and a marsupial mascot that were inspired by travels Down Under?Treva J.
Wallaby Yogurt Company
2010-11-05Which SavorCalifornia.com company, known for its heirloom apple juices, is now making a Mostarda, that is an excellent condiment with grilled meats, charcuterie or cheese?Amanda J.
2010-11-03Simmer marrow-rich beef bones for hours with vegetables and seasonings, and you get the gourmet cook�s �Demi Glace de Boeuf Elite� made by which SavorCalifornia.com company?Roxanne L.
2010-11-01Ah, the lovely aroma of lavender in a sugar cookie! Which SavorCalifornia.com company produces a mix you use to make them perfectly?Kathleen P.
2010-10-31Whether you celebrate Halloween or Dia de Los Muertos, the Chile Verde Sauce from which Savor California.com company adds a delicious tangy chile flavor to your favorite recipes? Jen C.
2010-10-30Which SavorCalifornia.com company makes a sweet and spicy grill glaze, that has a sneaky hint of heat?Teresa S.
Sauce Goddess
2010-10-28Which SavorCalifornia.com company was just featured in an article in the New York Times, with their product named �green juice� (in French)?Paige A.
Terra Sonoma
2010-10-26Which SavorCalifornia.com company puts delicious chocolate drops in tins that are the perfect travel mementoes for chocolate lovers?Carla B.
2010-10-22Which SavorCalifonria.com company makes The Sauce, a chipotle-based hot sauce that�s won the Scovie Award and will heat up the chilliest weekend?Tony B.
Sartain's Menu
2010-10-192-part question, 2-part answer = 2-part prize. Which SavorCalifornia.com company makes traditional Armenian flatbread? And which one makes a sundried tomato tapenade to top it with?Teri C.
Valley Lahvosh
2010-10-14What bakery featured on SavorCalifornia.com has been an institution on the Marin Coast and now has a second location in Petaluma? (Prize is a gift certificate for either store.)Michelle S.
Bovine Bakery
2010-10-12Which SavorCalifornia.com company matches Arborio rice with the perfect seasonings for Risottos to match any menu?Cindy H.
2010-10-05Which candy maker on SavorCalifornia.com combines toffee and peanuts, for the perfect balance of sweet and salty (in a 1-pound box!).Ursula B.
Elaine's Toffee Co.
2010-10-02What Savor California company makes pasta with a secret ingredient that gives it a beautiful burgundy color?Colleen W.
2010-09-28You can wrap the versatile fig in prosciutto, top it with goat cheese, and continue on through the menu. Which SavorCalifornia.com company is the California dried fig specialist?Daniel F.
Valley Fig Growers
2010-09-24Which SavorCalifornia.com company makes a cookie that is chocolate sandwiched between 2 lacey toffee nut wafers? Barbara T.
Desserts on Us
2010-09-22It�s called a Blenheim and is grown, dried and made into preserves and toppings on which SavorCalifornia.com company�s farm?Susan N.
B & R Farms
2010-09-18Who knew that the key to fudge super creaminess is chemistry! Which SavorCalifornia.com company figured this out?Mindy A.
Napa Valley Fudge
0000-00-00The Blenheim variety is the �Cadillac� of a stone fruit that is grown, dried and made into savory and sweet toppings and preserves by which SavorCalifornia.com company?Jennifer A.
B & R Farms

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