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Gold-colored Summer
Vol. 3 No. 4

Screamin' for Ice Cream

�You scream. I scream. We all scream for ice cream.� So goes the children�s ditty. But adults have their own love affair with ice cream � taken up a notch.

Belizza Sorbet
A�a� (pronounced ah-sigh-ee, accent on the last syllable) is an ecologically sustainable berry that grows in the Amazon rainforest. Its intense flavor is often described as a cross between blackberries and chocolate. In Brazil a�a� sorbetto is topped with granola and sliced bananas (below).

Silver Moon Desserts.
These ice creams are blended with premium liqueur to create refreshingly sophisticated adult flavors, such as Coffee with Brownie Bits, Creme de Mint Chip, Praline Irish Cream. Mojito Ice, Mango Mimosa, and Strawberry Daiquiri.

Gelato Classico and Sorbetto Classico.
The Roman Emperor Nero may have invented gelato, but it�s doubtful that he could choose from ice cream flavors like Chocolate Hazelnut, Green Tea, Tiramisu, and Coppa Mista (below) or from sorbettos like Blackberry Cabernet. �Venice in a pint,� according to one fan.

Screamin' Mimi's
This Sebastopol ice cream shop (below) is a Western Sonoma County institution and well worth the trip from anywhere. Mimi�s Mud is the signature flavor, and other flavors are added when fresh local ingredients are in season. Taste true Sonoma County ice cream, such as Lavender or Crane Melon.


It is not only the artist who lives dangerously out of regard for the integrity of his work�wherever such an attitude is found there is the artist�s way of life.
-- Dorothy Sayer
�Mind of the Maker�

What's new

Silver Moon Desserts
Gelato Classico
La Bella Olives (below)
Little Sky Lavender Farm
Nunes Farms

Top your ice cream off with--

Desperately Seeking Chocolate knows that chocolate lovers may occasionally want to branch out, so in addition to Hot Fudge and Mint Fudge sauces, they make Caramel Cream, and Ginger Habanero Fudge for the spicy palate.

The name Fudge is my Life announces their dedication. The fudge sauces come in Dark Chocolate, Orange Chocolate, Mocha Chocolate, Mint Chocolate and Ginger Chocolate.

Rich, dark chocolate is Robert Lambert�s first ingredient. Flavors are Deep Dark, Extreme Vanilla Bean, Mojito Mint, Four Orange, and Coconut Dark.

Bringing home the Gold!

Two Savor California companies brought home the coveted Gold sofi Award at the annual New York Fancy Food Show.

Awarded by a blue-ribbon panel of judges, these awards (and the Silver-winning finalists, listed in the last "Savory News") are as coveted as an Oscar to filmmakers.

Robert Lambert accepted his Gold sofi Award from Jacques Pepin at the New York Show (above). Robert won for his Dark Cherries Preserved in Merlot Syrup.

Stella Cadente Olive Oil won their Gold sofi Award for their Basil Oil (left).

Congratulations to Robert, and Julia and Lewis! And to the Silver sofi winners: A Perfect Pear from Napa Valley, Bellwether Farms, Desserts on Us, and La Tourangelle.

Giving back

In California we are fortunate that there are so many extraordinary food and beverage producers that support local California communities, as well as helping the communities with which they are linked overseas.

Nana Mae's Organics has been nominated for the Slow Food USA Betsy Lydon Award, which recognizes a US farmer, grower or food producer working with an Ark of Taste item (in Nana Mae�s case, Gravenstein Apples), reflecting Slow Food USA's vision of sustainable, socially just and delicious food, regional diversity, and healthy food communities.

Free fruit and vegetables, reduced-fee gym memberships and 100% tuition reimbursements are among the reasons that Lundberg Family Farms was named the 2007 California Workplace of the Year by the Employer Resource Institute. Tim Schultz, VP Administration, says, �Our company has a 70-year tradition of upholding values of integrity, respect, continuous improvement and teamwork. And a lot of satisfaction comes from producing healthy products sustainably.�

Many coffee companies in California have become increasingly aware of the issues that face growers and workers in the countries where their coffee beans come from. Thanksgiving Coffee Company has been awarded the Mayer Global Citizenship Award by The Tufts Institute for Global Leadership, along with its partners: the Peace Kawomera Fair Trade Coffee Cooperative in Mbale, Uganda, and Kulanu (All of Us), a US volunteer Jewish organization.

In 2007 alone, Costeaux French Bakery participated in over 550 Sonoma County charitable and community outreach events with in-kind product donations, gift certificates, volunteer leadership and support, and at times, cash donations. Educational tours of the retail store as well as baking facility operations were provided for school children, Girl Scouts, Boy Scouts and other civic groups, student chefs and bakers, and lifelong learning in retirement groups.

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