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Build a Better Burger
Vol. 4 No. 5

And the winner of the Gold sofi Award is�..

The Gold sofi Awards were presented at a Gala Celebration during the New York Fancy Food Show by Chef Ming Tsai (Host, Simply Ming; Chef-Owner, Blue Ginger). This is the highest honor a gourmet food producer can receive.

Gold sofi: Cheese
Cypress Grove Chevre
Truffle Tremor, below

Gold sofi: Cookie
Desserts on Us
Laceys Dark Chocolate Almond, below

Gold sofi: Soup, Stew or Chili
San Angel Mole
Cascabel Sauce, below with San Angel's Red and Black Mole sauces.

More Sofi awards for Savor California companies!

Finalist, Outstanding New Product
Sonoma Syrup Co.
A�ai Black Currant Superfruit Syrup, below

Finalist, Outstanding Product Line
Bellwether Farms, below

Finalist, Outstanding Product Line
Silver Moon Desserts>, below

Burger tip

If you use the leaner beef from Brandt Beef, you may want to use a little bit of grapeseed oil in your burger mixture.

Salute Sant�! Roasted Garlic Grapeseed Oil is an easy way to add a hint of garlic taste, helps bind the meat together, and since grapeseed oil has a very high smoke point, it works well for saut�ing.

Top 'em

Dried Blenheim apricots give the B & R Farms Apricot Chili Preserve its luscious rich flavor. Chili balances that with a touch of spiciness. Makes a very tasty burger, above.

Also great on chicken or pork.

Your imagination can run wild with the sauces from Art of Chipotle. For a Chicken Fajita Burger (above), combine their Gourmet Chipotle Paste and their Fresh Cream Indulgence Sauce with the ground chicken.

Top it with grilled onions and green peppers and be generous with their Black Bean Fiesta Salsa.

For the full recipe, click on the recipe link in the yellow field of the Art of Chipotle page.


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Build a better burger

Not surprisingly, Savor California companies take burgers to a whole new level!

For example. Do you really want to impress your backyard barbecue guests? Order the Foie Gras Burger from Dean & Deluca: well-marbled beef, filled with rich Fabrique D�lices Duck Foie Gras. My, my, my!

Then there�s the wine and cheese approach. Cabernet Sauvignon plays a supporting role in a burger that stars Pt. Reyes Original Blue Cheese. Click on the recipe link in the yellow field of the Point Reyes Farmstead Cheese page for the recipe.

You won�t be able to keep the �secret ingredient� in the Savory Creations recipe a secret, once your friends taste burgers topped with the rich, natural Savory Choice Beef Demi Glace (and melted blue cheese for good measure). Don�t take hours making demi glace, just snip open a super convenient little pouch.

If you want to put some kick into your burgers, Sartain's Menu makes it easy. To a pound of ground sirloin, add a medium white onion diced small, 2 teaspoons of sea salt and Sartain�s Menu The Sauce. If your burgers aren't hot enough for you, top them with another dollop of The Sauce.

But what if you want little itty bitty burgers? Maybe for the appetizer course? The Perfect Bite Co. has got �em. So tasty and so cute. Two kinds: MiniBurgers with Caramelized Onions & Gorgonzola...

... and MiniBurgers with Applewood Bacon & Cheddar.


"It is the Americans who have managed to crown minced beef as hamburger, and to send it round the world so that even the fussy French have taken to �le boeuf hache,� �le hambourgaire."
-- Chef Julia Child

"You can find your way across this country using burger joints the way a navigator uses stars. We have munched Bridge burgers in the shadow of the Brooklyn Bridge and Cable burgers hard by the Golden Gate, Dixie burgers in the sunny South and Yankee Doodle burgers in the North. We had a Capitol Burger -- guess where. And so help us, in the inner courtyard of the Pentagon, a Penta burger."
Charles Kuralt, journalist, television host of �On the Road�

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