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Autumn 2009
Vol. 4 No. 8

Noble fungi

The seemingly infinite variety of mushrooms is a delight to cooks: from the humble white button, to glorious chantrelles and sublime truffles.

Savor California companies suggest delicious ways to use these edible fungi.

Savory Creations
Dried porcini are available all year long, and the Savory Porcini Cream Sauce made with Savory Creations' Chicken Broth Concentrate adds rich flavor to pasta or chicken.

Lundberg Family Farms
It's a soup time of year, and this nourishing one is made with Lundberg's Brown Basmati Rice. Cremini Mushroom and Roasted Garlic Rice Soup (above).

Bellwether Farms
Bellwether's Fromage Blanc is adaptable to so many recipes. Their recipe for Mushroom Caps Stuffed with Leeks and Fromage Blanc is perfect as an appetizer or side dish.

The outside of a truffle doesn't look inviting, let alone attractive (below) -- except to the gourmet. It's not necessary to mortgage the house to buy whole truffles in order to add their flavor to your cooking.

Cypress Grove Chevre
Truffle Tremor (below) won the Gold Sofi Award at the 2009 New York Fancy Food Show.

Fabrique D�lices
Take classic risotto up a notch with Fabrique D�lices' Truffle Butter. Besides Truffled Risotto (below), try their truffle butter in mashed potatoes, and be the hit of your family's Thanksgiving dinner!

La Tourangelle
Even dessert can be truffled with La Tourangelle's recipe for Truffle Cheesecake, using their Truffle Oil.

Not all beer and skittles...

Here are some of the great combinations we discovered during our October beer-tasting adventures.

For Fentimans Shandy (below), premium hops and malted barley are brewed and fermented before adding natural lemon juice to create this full-bodied British-style soda that is 70% beer. Cheers!

Art of Chipotle Spicy Beer is made by combining equal parts tomato juice (or V8) and light beer. Add 1 teaspoon (or as much as your tastebuds can handle!) of Art of Chipotle�s Gourmet Chipotle Paste. (The Chipotle Paste also makes a great Bloody Mary.)

Hot and spicy Sartain�s Grilled Chicken (below) is made with tequila, spices and Sartain's Menu The Sauce. Goes great with tequila, and beer too.

For a quick snack to eat with your beer, try this updated (and upgraded) Avo-Cheese Sandwich, using Mendocino Mustard's Hot & Sweet.

Jerky is always good with beer, and SnackMasters Jerky makes every kind you could possibly want, including all-natural Tuna and Salmon, range-gorwn Turkey and more.

Mrs. A's Salsa Buena is delicious on its own, and its fresh taste enhances Black Bean Soup.

Chili Con Carne (above) is the real deal when you use San Angel Mole's Cascabel Sauce. Just the right amount of heat.

Equally good, Red or Black Mole. Save yourself the two-day cooking process and use San Angel's authentic moles.

Try this recipe for Chicken Satay (above), accompanied by Native Kjalii Foods� Peanut Sauce. Or try their Coconut Ginger Sauce. Also great with pork or shrimp.

Turkey-worthy side dishes

Savor California companies have side dish suggestions that will make you (and your turkey) proud. From classics to twists on classics.

Meyenberg Goat Milk's Broccoli Casserole (below) is a do-ahead recipe to take the pressure off Thanksgiving Day.

Spiced Crab Apples from Robert Lambert will impress even Grandma. Also use the syrup combined with pan juices to drizzle over the sliced turkey.

Chutneys and compotes are wonderful with turkey. Three to try: Dried Fig Compote from the girl & the fig, Apple Cranberry Chutney from Robert Lambert and Apricot Chutney from B & R Farms.

For a home made fruit accompaniment to turkey, try the Apple and Dried Plum Sauce recipe from Taylor Brothers Farms.

Put a little kick into your sweet potatoes by adding Chipotle Paste from Art of Chipotle: Chipotle Whipped Sweet Potatoes.

Sonoma Syrup Co.'s recipe for Baked Squash with Vanilla Bean Syrup is so good, you'll never want to cook squash any other way.

Dressed up leftovers

Make the days after Turkey Day just as festive, using these ideas for leftovers.

Your turkey sandwich can graduate from ordinary to extraordinary with Jimtown Store's Artichoke, Olive & Caper Spread, one of their California�kisses�the�Mediterranean inspired family of fresh spreads.

Dried Blenheim apricots are grown, dried and made into delicious preserves at B & R Farms. Use them in Turkey Sandwich with Apricot Preserves (below).

Robert Lambert's marmalades are so good that Karen Hochman wrote in The Nibble: "Great Britain, take note: The Californian Robert Lambert has raised the bar on marmalade, and instead of exporting your products to the U.S., you will want to import his."

Pomona Harvest Festival

Join Savor California at the Pomona Fairplex, Friday through Sunday, December 4 - 6.

Sample and purchase perfectly tasty gifts for the what-should-I-buy- for-her/him people on your shopping list � and, of course, don�t forget to reward yourself for shopping by buying something for yourself.

Companies in the Savor California booth will be:
21 Missions Organics
A Perfect Pear from Napa Valley
Amella Caramels (below)
Napa Valley Fudge
Spindel Farms

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You can view our video and vote (5 stars would be nice!) here: Savor California Tour

At Redwood Hill Farm I had the pleasure of being upstaged by a darling baby goat, which nestled down in my lap just like a cat. So soft!

Other footage was shot at the Golden Gate Bridge (left), in an olive orchard, the fishing boat harbor at Bodega Bay, and a walnut grove.

We ended our mini Savor California tour at the beautiful McCray Ridge Vineyards with a view of the Sonoma County hills.

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