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February 2010
Vol. 5 No. 1

What's new on

We're delighted to welcome these companies to the Savor California group:
Butterfly Brittle
Rumba Desserts (above)
Sauce Goddess

New products from Savor California companies

New to us, but traditional in France, Fabrique Délices is now making Savory Macarons with almond, hazelnut, sugar and egg whites, and savory cream and cocoa butter fillings:
Porcini (below)
Black Truffle
Goat Cheese

Also new from Fabrique Délices are shelf stable Pâté de Campagne and Duck Rillettes in jars. No need to refrigerate until after they're opened, so they're perfect for the pantry or a gift basket.

Strawberry is the newest ice cream flavor from Agave Dream (below). Sweetened with pure agave syrup, this line of ice creams and sorbets has a low glycemic index, so diabetics can get their ice cream fix too.

The little morsels, below, made by The Perfect Bite Co. are just that – perfect bites. In special trays, these appetizers go from the freezer into the oven.
Ham & Cheese Arancini (top)
Haute Dogs (bottom)

New products

Three new vinegars from Sparrow Lane (below):
Ginger Pear Rice Vinegar
Sherry Vinegar
Peach Champagne Vinegar

New from Hollandia Produce, the growers of Live Gourmet Butter Lettuce, is Upland Cress (below), also harvested with its roots intact, so that it stays fresh longer.

Whet your appetite with the view of the luscious B & R Farms Dried Apricots through the window of their new resealable bag (below).

Terra Sonoma's Saba (below) is made from the must of winegrapes reduced to a thick, sweet syrup. Use over ice cream or yogurt, to sweeten pasta sauce, in salad dressings and marinades.

More new products

Amella Caramels. Still pure cocoa butter, the finest chocolate, and a unique addition of real fruits or vegetables. Now deliciously enrobed in chocolate:
Carrot Cake (above), Black Forest, and Passion Fruit.

New retail products from Giusto's Specialty Foods include all-purpose, bread, pastry and cake flours, as well as durum and semolina flours for making pizza and pasta.

Giusto's also makes specialty flours and grains: all-natural barley flour, all-natural garbanzo flour, organic rye flour, organic polenta and organic Vita-Grain 9-Grain Blend.

Wallaby Yogurt Company is now making Sour Cream (above) with the same creamy rich taste as their Australian-style yogurts. The newest yogurt is Caramel Apple Down Under.

An expert in wild-caught fish, Wild Planet has added Sustainably Caught Wild California Sardines (above) to its line-up, prepared four different ways:
In Spring Water
In Marinara Sauce
In Extra Virgin Olive Oil
In Oil with Lemon

Other new Wild Planet products are Wild Alaskan Pink Salmon and convenient jars of their well known Wild Albacore Tuna. All are very tasty ways to get lots of Omega 3.

Aged Valley Goat Milk Cheddar (center, above) has been added to the goat milk products from Meyenberg Goat Milk, joining their Cream Cheeses, Jack-style Cheeses, and Goat Milk Butter.

Valley Goat Cheddar is robust, creamy with mild goat overtones, and delectably smooth. The complexity is achieved from aging a minimum of 90 days. The cheese is firm and sliceable making it perfect as a table or cooking cheese.

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