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Big Game
Vol. 2 No. 1

Big Game party?
No problem!

Ling Ling all-natural Potstickers, Egg Rolls, Spring Rolls and Shu Mai (crispy dumplings) can be ready in minutes, sauce and all. (Photo above.)

Savory or sweet Pastry Kisses from The Perfect Bite Co. come uncooked in their own oven-safe disposable baking tray. The tray can be cut easily with ordinary scissors, so you can use just the number you need and return the unneeded Kisses to the freezer.

With La Tortilla Factory tortillas and wraps, the choices are endless. Let everybody assemble their own or whip up one of the recipes from the La Tortilla site, such as Chicken Tomatillo, using La Tortilla Factory Fire Roasted Salsa.

The aroma of Sonoma Sausages on the grill will whet anyone�s appetite. Try Hawaiian Portuguese, Andouille, Smoked Chicken with Spinach and Feta, or German style Bratwurst.

Perfect accompaniments to those sausages:
Wild rice salad made using the pre-cooked pouch from Fall River Wild Rice. It makes a tasty and healthy backdrop to anything you like in a salad. No guesswork about cooking the rice!

Big Game wrap-up

These desserts will make you very, very popular.

In an updated and international twist on traditional Apple Brown Betty, peeled and sliced apples are drizzled with your choice of flavored agave syrups (try vanilla, hazelnut or caramel) from 21 Missions Organics and topped with Oat Cuisine granola. Bake for 12-15 minutes at 375 degrees.

Start with your favorite ice cream. Drizzle one of five sauces from Fudge is my Life over it and sprinkle with toasted or candied almonds from Maisie Jane's California Sunshine Products or Shelley's Biscotti.

What's new

From the flowering trees and plants of the Wine Country, come the honeys of the newest Savor California Marketing Partner:

Wine Country Honey (below)

Hot and hotter

The Scovie Awards are named for Wilbur Scoville who pioneered a rating scale for spicy foods.

If you like your food with a hot bite, you�ll love this Scovie Award winner from Savor California:

Sartain's Menu won their first Scovie in 1999. The Marinade won The Golden Chili for outstanding marinade in 2004. (Photo below.)

Quick Chicken

Buy a roasted chicken. Shred or cut into chunks and add Art of Chipotle Sweet Heat Addiction Chipotle Sauce.

Cook in a crock pot on low until the sauce has thickened into a tasty sticky coating on the chicken. Serve on toasted buns.

Host a mustard tasting

The mustards made by the producers on SC are worlds apart from the ones with a color or a nationality in their name.
A Perfect Pear from Napa Valley
Mendocino Mustard

Savor California wows �em at the
San Francisco Fancy Food Show

January 21-23 at the Moscone Center in San Francisco, it was three and four deep at the Savor California booth. We frequently heard that ours was one of the most exciting booths at the show.

Numerous stories in the press have chosen products from the SC booth as their favorites, out of the thousands that were being showcased.

21 Missions Organics
Adam's 100% Mangosteen
Allie's Edibles (above)
B & R Farms
Bo's Best Pancake Mixes
Elaine's Toffee Co.
Fall River Wild Rice
Fudge is my Life
Mrs. A's Salsa Buena
Robert Lambert
Bella Chi-Cha
Shelley's Biscotti
Terra Sonoma
The Occasional Gourmet
Vignette Wine Country Soda

Snack time!

Watching the Big Game or the hit TV show �Ugly Betty,� seems to invite snacking. Keep it healthy and delicious with these ideas from Savor California:

B & R Farms dried Blenheim apricots, above. (Okay, they come chocolate dipped too!)

The fusion taste of L'Estaci Dolce's Sesame Almond Caramel Corn or more traditional Maple Almond Caramel Corn.

Lundberg�s Organic Rice Cakes topped with Almond Butter from Maisie Jane's California Sunshine Products. Or one of 8 flavors of Lundberg Rice Chips. (My personal favorite�Fiesta Lime.)

Dried figs from Valley Fig Growers, wrapped with a thin slice of duck prosciutto from Fabrique D�lices or topped with a wedge of raw goat milk feta from Redwood Hill Farm.

Create your own popcorn sensation by shaking on Comet Corn�s unusual natural flavors, such as Organic Carrot, Beet & Garlic or Coconut Curry.

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