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Spring 2011
Vol. 6 No. 3

What's new on

We scout the state of California to find the newest, most exciting food discoveries!
Back to the Roots
Culinary Twist
Earl's Gone Wild
Napa Cakes Panforte, above
Wine Forest Wild Foods, below

Join us at the Sunset Celebration!

Each year the pages of Sunset Magazine come alive on their beautiful campus in Menlo Park. As before, Savor California will have a big booth with fabulous foods to taste and buy, featuring:

Auntie Si, above
Back to the Roots, below

Bellindora Vinegars
Butterfly Brittle
Culinary Twist

Earl's Gone Wild BBQ Sauce, above
La Bonita California
Napa Valley Fudge
Native Kjalii Foods
Numi Organic Tea
Oren's Kitchen

Pollen Ranch, Edamame Hummus with Hot Capicola and Fennel Pollen, by Chef Connie at CSU Stanislaus, above

Sonoma Syrup Co.
Stella Cadente Olive Oil

Terra Sonoma
Valley Lahvosh
Wild Planet, above

Finalists in Sofi Award competition

These Savor California finalists have won coveted Silver Sofis. At the Summer Fancy Food Show in Washington DC, the Gold Sofi winners will be announced by Chef Cat Cora at a glitzy event on July 11.

Baked Goods
Judy's Breadsticks, aka Lovesticks
Somewhat Seedy Garlicky Toasted Bites, above

Cypress Grove Chevre
Humboldt Fog, below, upper right

Point Reyes Farmstead Cheese
Original Blue, below

Kari's Malva Pudding
Original, below

Shelf Stable Food Service Product
Sonoma Syrup Co.
Sonoma Olive Juice, below

Enter! Eat! Enjoy! prizes

Gourmet food prizes have recently been won from the following Savor Calfornia companies in the contest on our Facebook page.

Bellwether Farms
Marin French Cheese
Mia's Kitchen
Amella Caramels
Oat Cuisine
Little Sky Lavender Farm, below
Maisie Jane's California Sunshine Products
Mooney Farms' Bella Sun Luci
Art of Chipotle
Alice's Stick Cookies
C. J. Olson Cherries
Fall River Wild Rice
Numi Organic Tea
Mendocino Mustard
Native Kjalii Foods

Cheese companions

Valley Lahvosh crackers are the perfect setting for any cheese. Shapes make your cheese board interesting: rounds, hearts, and stars (at the holidays). If you top cream cheese with smoked salmon and capers, so much the better!

Pizzas and cheese just naturally go together, but these combinations are truly extraordinary.

Check out Kasey and Matthew's recipe on Turntable Kitchens for Wild Mushroom & Crescenza Pizza (below) made with Bellwether Farms' Crescenza.

Here's another unusual pizza where cheese plays a supporting role. Roasted Garlic & Olive Pizza (below), which uses Roasted Garlic Olive Bruschetta Salsa from Sierra Madre Grocery Co.

Cream cheese can be taken to a new, tasty level by topping it with --
Crazzberry Fiesta from Art of Chipotle.
Hot or Medium Salsa from Mrs. A's Salsa Buena.
Bora Bora Sauce from Culinary Twist.

Terra Sonoma makes Saba, a thick sweet cooking syrup, from the "must" of their estate grown winegrapes. Try it poured over goat cheese from Redwood Hill Farm and accompanied by toasted walnuts, below.

Oak-wood smoked Spanish paprika and sea salt bring out the earthy taste of Oren's Kitchen' Smoked Paprika Pecans. With blue cheese, below.

Products that B & R Farms makes from Dried Blenheim Apricots complement cheese and make a colorful presentation as well. Try Red Pepper Topping (shown below), Chili Preserves, or Chutney on Marin French Cheese Rouge et Noir Brie.

Strawberry Goat Cream Cheese Pie

Fresh strawberries and Cr�me de Chevre Beyond Traditional cream cheese from Meyenberg Goat Milk make a delicious spring dessert.

Other stellar cheese combinations

Make a mini cheese "sandwich" with a slice of tart apple, a thin wedge of sharp cheddar and a dollop of Mendocino Mustard.

Top Manchego cheese with Jimtown Store's Spicy Pepper Jam.

Drizzle smooth, creamy Crescenza cheese from Bellwether Farms with Stella Cadente Olive Oil's Meyer Lemon Olive Oil, left.

Try brie with Three Citrus Marmalade from La Bonita California, or a piece of Parmesan topped with their Angelino Plum & Raisin Conserve. Accompany with a cold Viognier!

Nana Mae's Organics' Mostrada pars well with soft triple cremes, tangy aged cheddars, as well as hard Italian aged salty cow cheeses such as Parmiaggiano.

Cr�me de Chevre Garlic & Chive Cream Cheese from Meyenberg Goat Milk is tasty on crackers, bagels or a baked potato.

Try this! Napa Valley Fudge with salt-crusted, very sharp cheddar. The sharper, the better!

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