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Breakfast Bushel

Start the day off right with:
Ackerman's Mendo Crunch Granola, a healthy granola made with organic and natural grains, seeds, nuts and dried fruits.
Carol Hall's Pacific Ollalieberry Jam, handmade with fresh, ripe fruit.
Monastery Creamed Honey, lusciously smooth, from Our Lady of the Redwoods on the Lost Coast.
Nana Mae’s Gravenstein Apple Juice, a distinctive harmony of sweet and tart, juicy and refreshing.
Shelley's Biscotti, extra nutty, ultra crunchy, handmade biscotti, an extravagance of roasted California almonds and freshly ground cinnamon.
Taylor Maid Coffee Gardener's Blend, ultra premium flavor and freshness.
Valley Fig Growers, beautiful and golden, slightly nutty-flavored dried Calimyrna figs.
Zhena's Breakfast Bliss Tea, a blend of only certified organic black teas, rich in flavor.