Italian Lentil Soup

Italians traditionally eat lentil soup at New Year's. The idea is that each tiny lentil is a piece of good fortune, so the more you eat, the more prosperous the new year will be. From a health standpoint, this soup is good for you all year round.

1 packageSierra Soups Italian Lentil
1 poundItalian sausage
½Onion, chopped
2 clovesGarlic, finely minced
2 TablespoonsOlive oil


Cut the sausage into bite-size pieces.

Heat the olive oil in a skillet and saut� the onion until very soft. Add garlic and saut� for another 5 minutes, being careful not to burn the garlic.

If the sausage is not cooked, add it to the pan and cook thoroughly.

Make soup according to package directions. Add sausages, onion and garlic. Heat through and serve.

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