Asian Coleslaw

1 medium headGreen cabbage, sliced very finely
1 small headRed cabbage, sliced very finely
2 largeCarrots, shredded
½ Red onion, sliced very finely
1 cupRaw peanuts, optional
¾ cupsChopped cilantro or parsley
½ cupRice wine vinegar
½ cupLa Tourangelle Sesame Oil
¾ cupLa Tourangelle Peanut Oil
½ cupSugar
1 tablespoonWhite pepper
½ teaspoonCayenne pepper
2 tablespoonsSea salt, or to taste


Mix all of the vegetables, half of the peanuts, and cilantro, tossing in a large bowl.

In the second bowl, mix the oil and the vinegar, then the spices, and last, slowly stir in sugar.

Pour the sauce over the vegetables and mix well.

Garnish with rest of peanuts and sprig of cilantro.

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