Tuber Tonic Toddy

2 tablespoonsTuber Tonic
1 ounce or to tasteDrambuie
Cinnamon stick
Lemon or orange slice, optional


Add 2 tablespoons Tuber Tonic to 1 quart water in a kettle or electric coffee percolator and boil for three to four minutes.

Strain as you pour 6 ounces of the prepared Tuber Tonic into a cup, mug, or snifter.

Add 1 ounce or more of Drambuie and a cinnamon stick. Stir with the cinnamon stick.

Optional variations: add lemon or orange slice.

Note: For a cold drink, use cool Tuber Tonic with Drambuie, shake with ice, pour into martini glass, and add a maraschino cherry.

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