Salmon & Prawn Tower With Caper Butter

A beautiful presentation! This is a dish that is full of complex flavor, yet subtle and light. Perfect for any time of the day; brunch, lunch, or dinner.

2 poundsSalmon, approximately .5-inch thick
16 medium to largePrawns
3 firmAvocados, not soft or overly ripened
1 largeBell pepper, chopped
1Red onion, minced fine
1Lemon, juiced
2 cupsWhite wine, Sauvignon Blanc or Viognier
½ cupButter Chef Caper & Lime Pepper Flavored Butter
To tasteSalt and pepper
Fresh parsley, minced fine
1Lemon, cut into 8 wedges


Cut salmon into 16 3-4-inch squares.

Cut avocado into small cubes and toss in a bowl with lemon juice. Set aside.

Quickly saut� onion and red pepper until heated through and still crispy. Set aside.

Lightly grease a large shallow skillet, then place salmon and prawns in skillet. Cover with white wine. If not enough liquid to submerge salmon and prawns, add a little water.

Cook on medium high heat until liquid starts to boil, then immediately reduce heat to a low simmer. Total poaching time is 5-8 minutes - no more.

While fish is poaching, melt Butter Chef� Caper & Lime Pepper Flavored Butter on low heat.

Add bell pepper and onion to the bowl with the avocado and toss together with salt and pepper.

Assemble each seving on individual plates by layering in the following sequence:

Avocado, onion, and bell pepper mixture.
Drizzle melted Caper & Lime Pepper Butter.
Salmon, two pieces per serving.
Top with 2 prawns.
Drizzle Caper & Lime Pepper Butter over the top.
Sprinkle with parsley.
Put a lemon wedge to the side.

Serves 8.

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