Asparagus with Umbria Aioli

Fresh asparagus, trimmed (thicker stalks are preferred)
1 ½ teaspoonsRockin' Rubs Umbria Olive Oil Dipping Spice
¼ cupMayonnaise
1 ½ tablespoonFresh lemon juice


Mix mayonnaise, lemon juice and Umbria Dip Spice together thoroughly. Allow to sit while the asparagus is cooked.

Steam or parboil the asparagus, so it's still a bit crispy.

Drizzle the aioli over the cooked spears.

Alternate ways to serve asparagus with Umbria Dip Spice:

- Mix the spice with just olive oil for dipping.
- Toss asparagus spears with olive oil and Umbria Dipping Spice and roast for 12-15 minutes in a 400-degree oven.
- Or for a bit of char, grill the spears with the olive oil and spice coating under the broiler or on a grill.

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