Chicken Stuffed Chile Rellenos with Fire-Roasted Papaya Mango Salsa

115-ounce container, Native Kjalii Fire Roasted Papaya Mango Salsa
Cooked, boneless chicken
Roasted chiles
Chevre (or Jack, for a different taste)
Pine nuts


To roast the whole chiles, place them over a gas stove burner. Turn to blacken all sides. Peel off the charred skin. Let cool on a rack or in the refrigerator. Cut down the center of the pepper from the top to the stem. Remove the seeds, being careful not to remove the stem.

Shred the cooked chicken. In a large bowl, mix together the pine nuts, raisins, cheese and salt and pepper, to taste. Stuff chiles with this mixture.

Place the chiles into a shallow baking pan and top with the grated cheese. Bake in a 375-degree oven for 20 minutes.

Top with Native Kjalii Fire-Roasted Papaya Mango Salsa.

Serve with beans, rice and tortillas.

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