Grilled Chicken with Honey, Lime, Garlic and Chipotle

⅓ cupFresh lime juice
2 TablespoonsHoney
4 clovesGarlic, chopped
1Serrano chile or jalape�o, seeded and diced
1-2 Tablespoons, or moreArt of Chipotle Gourmet Chipotle Paste
¼ teaspoonCornstarch
1 TablespoonMinced cilantro
1 poundBoneless/skinless chicken breasts


Preheat grill.

In a food processor or blender, pur�e lime juice, honey, garlic, serrano, the Art of Chipotle Gourmet Paste, and cornstarch.

Transfer mixture to a medium sized sauce pan and boil until slightly thickened, about 1 minute. Stir in cilantro.

Brush breasts lightly with glaze. Grill 4 minutes each side, turning once. Just before removing from the grill, baste chicken with the remaining glaze.

Remove from grill and serve.

Complement with The Art of Chipotle's fresh Pineapple Mojito or Mango Gingersnap Salsas.

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