Beef Short Ribs

4-5 poundsBeef short ribs
Flour, salt and pepper
Oil for browning
1Onion, minced
6 clovesGarlic, minced
1 eachCarrot and celery rib, diced
2 TablespoonsHoney
8 ouncesAmber ale
½ cupSartain's Menu The Sauce
Beef stock, as needed


Blend well the honey, ale and The Sauce for the braising liquid.

Lightly dust ribs with flour, salt and pepper. Brown on all sides in oil.

Place ribs in Dutch oven, add vegetables and braising liquid, add stock just to cover ribs. Bake covered at 275� for 2 hours.

Remove lid and continue cooking for 1 hour more. Remove ribs to warm plate and tent with foil.

Strain liquid, discarding solids. Return to pot and reduce until �saucy� consistency. Return ribs (and juices) to pot and keep warm �till dinner.

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