Pie Crust with Apple Cider Vinegar

3 cupsFlour
2 TablespoonsSugar
1- ¾ teaspoonsSalt
1 cup plus 2 Tablespoons (2 ¼ sticks)Chilled unsalted butter, cut into small cubes
8 TablespoonsIce water
1 ½ teaspoonsNana Mae's Apple Cider Vinegar


Blend flour, sugar, and salt. Cut in the butter until a coarse meal forms.

Add the ice water and cider vinegar. Blend until moist clumps form, adding more ice water by teaspoonfuls if dough is dry.

Lightly make the dough into a ball and divide in half. Wrap each piece separately in plastic; refrigerate at least 1 hour before rolling out.

The dough can be kept in the refrigerator up to 2 days, or sealed in plastic and frozen up to 1 month. Thaw in refrigerator overnight and allow to soften slightly at room temperature before rolling out.

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