Malted Milk Shake

Robert Lamber says, "My Malted Milk Chocolate Sauce is great on ice cream, but I've always thought a good malt the ultimate indulgence. To schedule it once a year on my birthday is the only way I can exhibit control. Thick as home-churned ice cream, it barely makes it up the straw. Bliss!!!"

For his sauce, Robert blends rich creamy milk chocolate with some dark chocolate to cut the sweetness, then adds malt flavoring and a bit of Jack Daniels bourbon.

1 pintHaagen Daz Vanilla Ice Cream
4 TablespoonsRobert Lambert Malted Milk Chocolate Sauce


Scoop most of the pint of Haagen Daz into a blender, add just a splash of milk and the Malted Milk Chocolate Sauce.

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