Wild Planet Tuna Salad in Lettuce Cups with Stella Cadente Persian Lime Olive Oil

1 canWild Planet Albacore Tuna Filet
2 sticksCelery, thinly sliced
4 Green onions, thinly sliced white and green
1 lemonJuice and zest
2 tablespoonsStella Cadente Persian Lime Olive Oil
To tasteSalt and pepper
1 headFresh lettuce, washed and leaves separated


In a small bowl, combine lime juice, zest, salt and pepper and Persian Lime Olive Oil. Whisk to combine.

Shred tuna into a bowl, mix with celery and onion. Toss tuna mixture with dressing.

Arrange lettuce cups on a platter and fill each with a spoonful of the tuna salad. Drizzle with additional Persian Lime Olive Oil and serve.

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