Pumpkin Seed Crepes with Salmon Sashimi and Watercress

¼ cupWater
¼ cupMilk
½ cupFlour
¼ teaspoon Salt
1 tablespoonSugar
1 tablespoonLa Tourangelle Toasted Pumpkin Seed Oil
½ poundsSashimi-grade salmon
3 tablespoonsLa Tourangelle Toasted Pumpkin Seed Oil
1 teaspoonFine sea salt or flour de sel
½ cupSour cream or cr�me fraiche
1 bunchWatercress, stems removed
1 tablespoonButter


Put all crepe ingredients in a blender and blend until smooth. Refrigerate for one hour.

Slice salmon into long �-inch thick sticks across the grain and toss with 2 tablespoons of La Tourangelle Pumpkin Seed Oil.

Toss the watercress with the remaining tablespoon of Pumpkin Seed Oil.

Take the crepe batter out of the refrigerator. Place a small, very good non-stick pan over medium-low heat.

Melt the butter in the pan and swirl it around to coat the entire surface.

Pour a small amount of batter in the pan and simultaneously swirl to spread it around (This takes some practice, don�t feel bad � the first crepe never turns out right.)

When the edge of the crepe turns brown, use your fingers and a rubber spatula to flip it over. Cook for about one minute more and then turn your first crepe out onto a plate. Now your pan is seasoned and ready to go.

Repeat this process, without adding more butter to the pan if you can, until you run out of crepe batter. If the crepes seem to be coming out too thick add more milk or water to the batter.

Spread a thin layer of sour cream over the entire crepe. Place the salmon across the crepe off center. Top with watercress and sprinkle with the fine sea salt.

Roll the crepe up snugly and set aside. Repeat.

When all your crepes are rolled, slice the ends off, slice them in half and then slice each half in two on the bias (diagonally).

Arrange each piece on a tray, with pointy side up.

Try one yourself, they are delicious!

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