Granola Scones

2 cups All-purpose flour
2 tablespoonsBaking powder
2 tablespoonsSugar
¼ coldButter, cold
½ cupButtermilk
1 cupOat Cuisine Granola
¼ cupPowdered sugar
¼ cupMaple syrup *


Preheat conventional oven to 450 degrees or convection to 375 degrees.

Measure flour, baking powder and sugar into a wide bowl, one big enough to work your dough. Stir the dry ingredients with a fork.

Using a cheese grater, grate the cold butter into the dry mix. Then stir till evenly distributed.

Pour in buttermilk and mix with fork until just incorporated.

Add granola and mix again. Switch to hand turning the dough with floured hands. Add more flour until it is no longer sticky.

Round it out into a evenly mixed soft ball.

Place parchment on baking tray and flour it lightly. Put dough onto the parchment and flatten to about a 9 inch disk.

Carefully cut the dough with a long knife into 12 sections - like a pie. Separate the sections and place evenly around the pan.

Measure a quarter cup powdered sugar - with no lumps - Gradually add maple syrup to the sugar and adjust ingredients so it runs, but not too thin.

Bake scones until starting to brown, about 12 minutes.

Remove from oven and drizzle or brush tops with the maple glaze. Put back in oven and cook until nicely brown and the sugar bubbles.

Makes 12 scones.


Grating butter is easier than a pastry blender or food processor, plus the dough is softer. Take a full stick of butter, score it at the measure, unwrap to below the score, then grate down to the mark.

* Espresso can be substituted for maple syrup. It works really with with Oil-free Oat Cuisine.

To do ahead, bake until lightly brown, then remove cool and store. To reheat, glaze and bake for five-ish minutes.

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