Though it is rare to see an American cyclist with a long loaf of bread tied to his bicycle rack, Americans have moved well past the taste-and-nutrition-free, plastic encased pillows of past decades.

Since bread and wine are such natural partners, it is not surprising that the bakers of California have taken this art to new heights, sometimes by returning to and honoring traditional methods and styles, at other times by indulging their flights of fancy and bringing innovative tastes to our palates.

In addition to bread, these artisans make scones, muffins, cakes, tarts, cookies and other treats from their ovens.

Marin County
Bovine Bakery
Point Reyes Station

 Judy's Breadsticks, aka Lovesticks
Mill Valley


San Francisco Bay Area
Recente Italiano
Walnut Creek


San Joaquin Valley
Valley Lahvosh


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