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21 Missions Flavored and Natural Agave Syrups
on 21 Missions Agave:
These syrups are made from organic premium 100% Blue Weber agave nectar and are extremely rich with intense, authentic flavors --
Coconut Lemon
Very Berry

Formulated for optimal flavor balance when blended in coffee, espresso drinks, sodas, desserts, and culinary specialties, 21 Missions Agave syrups transforms foods or beverages by adding depth and complexity.

The 21 Missions blue agave is vegan, kosher and organic, using nothing artificial. The flavored agave is blended with only all-natural flavor ingredients.

Health-conscious cooks will appreciate that this natural fructose sweetener has a low glycemic index.

It pours and dissolves easily and can be used in recipes calling for sugar. Substitute approximately 1/3 less 21 Missions Organics than the amount of sugar called for in the recipe. Agave Syrup acts as a moisture retainer especially for baked goods.

  21 Missions Organics

David DeSanto grew up in an Italian-American household, and, as he says, �Food is the centerpiece of life in that tradition.�

21 Missions Organics produces agave in bulk for the food service business, a line of flavored agave syrups under the 21 Missions Agave label for the retail market, as well as California citrus and fruit juices.

David�s initial interest in agave was inspired by Italian syrups. As an all-natural sweetener, agave can be used instead of sugar and has unique attributes and benefits.

Researching agave in Mexico, he was introduced to a man with over 50 years of experience with the agave plant. David began to formulate his recipes and decide on the flavors. �We started with vanilla, hazelnut and caramel and then just had fun coming up with our own unique flavors.�

Producing agave syrup is a complicated process. The spears are cut off the plant, leaving the pi�a, which is like the center of an artichoke. This is macerated to a pulp and centrifuged to extract the juice, which is filtered through diatomaceous earth and then cooked to evaporate the water.

One of David�s commitments is to describing the extraction process accurately. �There is no such thing as �raw� agave,� he explains. �The truth is that the syrup must be cooked to at least 118 degrees Fahrenheit. An example of a truly �raw� food product is honey taken right from the comb. In contrast, agave has to be heated to be useable.�

�Agave is just like wine,� David says. �If you start with high quality plants, you will get high quality syrup. We buy from a certified organic farm that grows Blue Weber agave. The tequila made from this variety costs over $100 a bottle.�

David�s goal is to expand the uses of agave syrup. �We want to bring excellence to this market. That not only involves the syrup itself, but the packaging as well. We are researching new packaging that will use less energy to produce and will reduce landfill waste. We try to look at issues from a 360-degree perspective.�

His world travels have taught David some important lessons. �Whatever you do, it can�t be just to make a living. You�ve got to have the internal fire to make the magic. To me �specialty� means to make products with a passion that is in tune with life.�

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